You can hear it in our voice.

It's unmistakable. The confidence in their voices, the knowledge in their responses and the success in their numbers. West's home agent solution, West at Home, is so effective, it has garnered awards from the industry's leading authorities and generated outstanding results for some of the world's leading companies.


As one of the leading voice-related communications services companies, we are able to attract the best agents the industry has to offer. Highly skilled and often possessing specialized educations, certifications or knowledge of particular industries, products and techniques, our home agents excel in the results they're able to produce.

The numbers prove it out. Over 80% of our home agents have some college education, compared to a national average of 34% in traditional brick-and-mortar call centers. In addition, home agents can reduce per call costs by 10-15%. They could work for anyone, but they choose to produce for West at Home and its clients because of the reputation we've built over the life of our own business.

Working from homes located all across the country, these customer care agents are empowered with continual support, training and guidance from West and must be able to meet West's high standard of excellence. Proven quality assurance methods and a policy of recording 100 percent of all calls ensures that our agents are providing a consistently high level of service for every customer contact.

Home agents also offer the flexibility today's customer contact solutions require - allowing us to staff up and back off as quickly as we need to. So, we're able to make the best use of their skills to provide our clients the best possible results. Visit today to learn more about how we can help your company dramatically improve your customer care.