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Work at Home

Easily Meet Flexible Staffing Needs

Companies are beginning to take a more progressive stance towards these perennial flexible staffing problems by considering alternatives such as incorporating home agent solutions into the customer contact mix. Not only can home-based agents help companies scale up or down more effectively than traditional brick-and-mortar call centers, but they deliver a number of distinct advantages, including: improved customer care, greater agent productivity, and reduced costs.

Home-based agents offer companies greater scheduling flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar agents, allowing for rapid response to peaks and valleys that inevitably occur in the contact center world. Should needs spike due to seasonal call volume, a marketing campaign, or even an outage or natural disaster, home agents can be quickly brought online. Home agents can be "on-call" to help out during unexpected spikes in contact volume, and are less affected by inclement weather that would otherwise hinder their ability to get to the contact center for work.

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Finding a balance to ensure optimum coverage during contact center hours, and especially during known peak volume times/days can be difficult. Brick and mortar contact centers face commute times, as a result agents can only be scheduled in larger blocks of time to make it work the effort to come to work. This leaves the contact center with limited flexible staffing options to scale up or down as call volumes suddenly change.

Resources at a Moment's Notice

The key to our flexible staffing solution is Spectrum®, West's workforce management system. With it, agents can easily create a customized schedule that fits their needs, while ensuring the availability of those agents who are best suited to your needs - and your call volume demands.

We attract the right talent to ensure your company culture can be emulated across the West at Home platform.

  • An employee-based hiring model allows for greater control and management of agents, allowing agents to take greater ownership and accountability in their positions.
  • Our profiling automation tool easily identities agents with specific background, skills and work experience as well as brand affinity or product experience.

West at Home is literally able to ramp up resources at a moment's notice. Then just as quickly ramp back down. Our highly flexible staffing solution is ideal for unexpected peaks in call volume, for increased seasonal or situational demands or to supplement internal resources. Plus, with the ability to schedule in 1/2 hour increments, companies gain up to a 100% increase in staffing flexibility and scalability.

Instructional Design and Home Agent Development Process

Extraordinary home-based agents are at the heart of every West at Home program. It is imperative that each of our agents are well trained and fully prepared to handle their first and every call. Our comprehensive Instructional Design and Development Process allows us to identify the exact training requirements needed to help you achieve your goals, based on your target audience and business objectives. This helps reduce development times, ensures consistent messaging and is critical to conveying your company’s brand and culture. This allows our agents to perform at the highest levels and to protect your brand.

Home agents offer the flexibility today's customer contact solutions require - allowing us to staff up and back off as quickly as we need to. So, we're able to make the best use of their skills to provide our clients the best possible results. Visit today to learn more about how we can help your company dramatically improve your customer care.