Knowing what to say and when to say it.

At West Communication Services, we do not take our relationships lightly, our clients trust us with some of their most valuable assets - their customers. We repay that trust with programs that make the most of every call, from acquiring new customers, to strengthening relationships with existing customers, to reinforcing your brand, to effective communications that turn the most casual contacts into positive experiences - each time, every time.

It is the direct result of our proven ability to hire the best people from the start. Candidates are selected based on the specific traits, backgrounds and skills that have proven to be the ones necessary to excel in this area. This is determined by a series of skills-based tests using our automated application and testing solution, which measures an applicant's cognitive, aptitude, technical and analytical skills. Our home agents also undergo a similar series of tests utilizing Web-based remote hiring and certification systems.

But the process doesn't end there.

We work closely with companies to understand their culture, their style and their products and services. We even examine each client's own hiring and training processes. Then we incorporate what we discovered to create a customized program that reflects the unique characteristics of your company and meets the expectations of your customers. Customer service agents are selected based on their ability to meet these parameters.

Intensive instruction on the client's products, programs and culture complete the training. Coupled with continuing skill development and sales simulation exercises, we are able to provide an elite team of sales and customer care agents who are second to none - in their abilities, in their professionalism and in their performance.