Direct Response Marketing.

At West, our goal is to help our direct response marketing clients get the greatest return on their investment.

West manages transactions on behalf of hundreds of direct response marketing clients in a wide range of industries. Whenever consumers call a toll-free number that is advertised on television, they will most likely talk to a direct response marketing agent at West Corporation. By combining our high-capacity inbound services with our experience in scheduling and staffing for large-scale direct response marketing programs, West can help maximize the impact of your direct response marketing campaigns.

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Direct Response Marketing: Blending Art with Science

As an extension of our clients' businesses, we strive for excellence in all areas of our operations, including direct response marketing. Our unique direct response marketing approach blends art with science. The art is in providing our clients with strategic advice and services at every step of their program. The science comes from the advanced technology of our high capacity inbound facilities, combined with a series of processes and procedures designed to handle the immense fluctuations in call volume that can be generated by consumer response to television offers. Enforcing quality standards and practices enables us to provide a professional climate that complements our clients' brand images.

At Your Service: Direct Response Marketing

West has developed different direct response marketing service groups to meet and exceed your direct response marketing needs. West has the direct response marketing solutions your company can use to move ahead.

Shared Services: Direct Response Marketing

Our nations' leading direct response marketing companies utilize West for Shared Operator Services to ensure immediate, measurable results. These direct response marketing services are best suited for basic product orders, lead capture, cross-selling and upselling.

Direct Response Marketing: Web-Enabled Services

The Internet is a powerful medium for direct response marketing. West's web-enabled services provide consumers with an easy and convenient way to order products or simply communicate with companies. Our services include customer care, sales, marketing, reporting, and support solutions for a variety of applications.

Companies rely on West to make a positive first impression for their brands and to convert prospects info customers - all in the most cost-efficient manner possible. To find out why so many of the nation's top direct response marketers count on West to deliver results, reach us by e-mail or call 1-800-841-9000.

Direct Response Marketing: More Information

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