Virtual Call Center.

In today's business environment, the ability to provide exceptional customer service at a reasonable cost is not a luxury it's a necessity. That is why West provides a wide range of customer contact services that are designed to address your unique business goals while offering you greater value and increased customer satisfaction.

Virtual Call Center Solutions

With West at Home , our virtual call center solution, we are able to deliver superior customer care through higher quality agents, at a cost that is lower than traditional live agent solutions. West home agents give companies access to an extensive network of educated and computer literate agents located throughout the country. This solution creates an unparalleled virtual call center equipped to handle all of your customer contact needs. By combining our West home agents with our extensive industry experience, cutting-edge technology and proven agent selection and certification methods, we are able to provide companies with a virtual call center solution that improves customer service levels while reducing live operator costs.

Setting a Higher Standard for Virtual Call Centers

The success of any virtual call center begins with the quality of its agents. At West, every candidate is screened through our proven online application process and must be certified on a series of modules before taking live calls. Our thorough screening methods help ensure that we only contract with the most qualified agents available.

West's virtual call center solutions utilize a Virtual ACD (VACD) that eliminates the inherent limitations of traditional home agent solutions. Our VACD, gives us the ability to create a virtual call center staffed with agents located anywhere around the world and with an integrated skills-based routing scheme we are able to deliver your calls to the best-suited agent.

West's virtual call center solutions utilize cutting-edge technology that drives results. To learn more about how West home agents can help reduce your costs and increase customer service, contact West today.

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