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West is connecting the ideas, the innovation and the individuals that make things happen.

West develops technology-enabled communications that change the way we work and improve the way we live. We are pioneering new ways to interact, to engage, to execute business processes and transactions. We are a collective effort of enterprise and individuals, of communities and customers, of partnerships and families. We are the sum of our entire network – the result of brilliant ideas, dedication and the hard work of people who share our vision. We are at the core of a technology and communications engine that is changing the world. We connect. We deliver. We are West.

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Solutions with reach

The technology we offer, as well as the support we provide, are designed around our clients’ needs. We’re focused on how to streamline their communication strategies, enhance collaboration between employees, improve the customer experience and boost their bottom line. And in turn, their customers benefit from services that make life easier, more convenient – and more connected.


64 billion telephony minutes processed


169 million conference calls facilitated


290 million Emergency 911 calls facilitated

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