Executive Team

Executive Team
  • John Shlonsky

    Chief Executive Officer

    John Shlonsky is the Chief Executive Officer of West Corporation. He joined West in November 2017. John’s career spans more than 25 years in the payments, technology and financial services industries.

  • Robert Wechsler

    President of West Corporation

    Robert Wechsler is President of West Corporation. Rob joined West in November 2017. Rob has 20 years of experience in organizational growth and development.

  • Nancy Disman

    Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer

    Nancy Disman is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of West Corporation. Nancy joined West in November 2017.

  • Louis Brucculeri

    Executive Vice President and General Counsel

    Louis Brucculeri joined West Corporation in 2017 as Executive Vice President and General Counsel, bringing 25 years of experience advising and serving clients as both inside and outside counsel.

  • Anup Nair

    Chief Information Officer

    Anup Nair joined West Corporation in March 2018. He has over 22 years of experience in leading large global organizations.

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