On March 7, 2017 West Corporation announced the acquisition of the cloud collaboration practice and assets from Vocus Group in Australia. West extended its presence in Asia-Pacific and became one of the few global providers of Cisco's hosted Unified Communications stack.
West Corporation announced the acquisition of 911 ETC, Inc. on December 12, 2016, expanding our industry leading presence in emergency communications in the enterprise. Our combined solutions allow clients to meet E9-1-1 regulations and simplify E9-1-1 management so users' locations can be reliably identified wherever they connect to 9-1-1 emergency assistance.
On March 14, 2016, West Corporation acquired Synrevoice Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of K-12 notifications in Canada to expand our Interactive Services offerings in the education industry.
On November 2, 2015, West Corporation announced the acquisition of Magnetic North, Ltd., a leading U.K.-based provider of proprietary hosted customer contact center and unified communications solutions to enterprises.

On November 2, 2015, West announced it had completed the acquisition of ClientTell, Inc., a provider of automated notifications and lab reporting services to the healthcare industry.
On March 3, 2015, West completed the divestiture of most of its agent services businesses. This divestiture helped to position West as a leaner, more focused, faster growing company with higher profit margins and increased financial flexibility; creating the opportunity to potentially further strategic assets and reduce outstanding debt.
West acquired SharpSchool, a leading provider of website and content management solutions for the education market.

West sold several of its agent services businesses, completing the transformation of West from a labor-intensive to a platform-based business.
West acquired SchoolMessenger and SchoolReach, giving the company a leadership position in the K-12 education market for alerts & notifications.

The company also acquired Health Advocate, the nation’s leading independent provider of healthcare advocacy services. This acquisition significantly strengthened West’s capabilities to serve the healthcare market.

West also acquired 911 Enable, a provider of emergency communications solutions for IP-based enterprise customers across the United States and Canada.

Gartner, Inc. positioned West in the Leaders Quadrant of its “Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), North America” for the third consecutive year.
West went public with a valuation of $5.2 billion.

The company announced participation in a five-year study to explore new technologies that automate patient care outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices with the Gary and Mary West Health Institute and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Gartner, Inc. positioned West in the Leaders Quadrant of its “Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), North America." West has maintained its position in the Leaders Quadrant every year since.
West acquired HyperCube, which added telecom services to its lines of business.
West made six acquisitions in 2011, adding capabilities to its alerts and notifications, unified communications, conferencing services and safety services lines of business.
West acquired SKT, which added unified communications services to the company’s lines of business.
West had two more acquisitions in its conferencing services business.
West made three acquisitions to grow its international conferencing business and its safety services business.
West’s revenue surpassed $2 billion for the first time in company history. The company grew its alerts and notifications business with two acquisitions in 2007.
West went private through a recapitalization of the company by two private equity firms. The transaction valued the company at $4.2 billion.
West acquired Intrado, North America’s primary provider of 9-1-1 infrastructure systems and services. This acquisition further diversified the company and positioned West as a leader in the safety services industry.
West’s growth earned it a spot on the Fortune 1000 list for first time and #68 in the Business 2.0 list of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies.
The acquisition of Sprint’s conferencing services assets firmly placed West in a leadership position within the conferencing services industry.
West received several accolades in 2005: Forbes named West to the Platinum 400, the magazine’s list of the best big companies in America, and InterCall was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Audio Conferencing Service Provider of the Year.
West’s revenue surpassed $1 billion in 2004. The company continued to make acquisitions to further diversify its lines of business and its revenue.
West entered the conferencing services business by acquiring InterCall and ConferenceCall.com in 2003. This move into conferencing would forever change the direction of the company by shifting the company’s focus from its traditional labor-intensive business to platform-based businesses.
West built a new state-of-the-art Network Operations Center to monitor and manage millions of calls each day, providing the highest levels of reliability to its clients and increased efficiencies to the company.
West made its first acquisition, buying Tel Mark Sales in January 2002. This was quickly followed by two additional acquisitions later that year.
The scale of West’s revolutionary IVR platform continued to grow. In 2001, West managed over 12.6 billion minutes of telephony-related transactions.

As consumers’ use of technology continues to expand and evolve, West continues to focus on providing seamlessly integrated technology and delivering a comprehensive integrated solution to its clients.
West processed more than six billion transaction minutes.

West was awarded its first patent.
The company name was changed from West Telemarketing to West Corporation to reflect its broader scope of services.
West generated over $500 million in revenue for the first time in company history.
West developed a number of new services to capitalize on the growing popularity of the internet as a customer communications vehicle.
West processed over one billion minutes of telephony-related transactions in 1998. The company added significant call-processing capacity and nine new facilities to meet clients’ growth needs. West acquired a new headquarters building in Omaha.
West went public with a valuation of $1.4 billion. The company had over 14,000 employees and processed nearly 400 million minutes of transactions. Revenue in 1996 was over $300 million.
Revenue exceeded $100 million for the first time in company history.
West began offering outbound customer contact services for large-volume sales campaigns.
West launched its Interactive platform, which grew rapidly with the company processing long-distance calls for users of prepaid calling cards. The scale of this platform is what allowed West to later get into the conferencing services business. This platform is still in use today with West’s reservationless conferencing and alerts & notifications businesses.
Infomercials continued to grow in popularity and expand the media options for direct TV advertising. This contributed to West’s growth. By the end of 1988, West had reached 1,000 employees.
In its early years, West took calls to sell items advertised on TV like BluBlocker sunglasses, magazine subscriptions, Richard Simmons workout videos and Tony Robbins self-help programs.
West Corporation was founded in 1986 by Mary West in Omaha, Nebraska. West started as West Telemarketing: an inbound contact center dedicated to combining new technologies with exceptional professionalism and client service.