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Posted on May 29, 2020 by West Corporation 

How Customer Experience Management Gives You a Competitive Advantage | Inside CX

Everyone is looking for an edge over their competitors, and customer experience management may be the best way to gain a competitive advantage. Studies have shown that customer experience is surpassing price and product as the most important factor for customers, so providing an exceptional experience is a smart way to stand out from the crowd. Read More >

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Posted on May 15, 2020 by West Corporation 

If Texting to 9-1-1 was easy…

The magic of 9-1-1 is its simplicity; just three digits that anyone can easily use to get help in an emergency. Callers don’t know–or need to know–the complexity involved in locating them, determining which agency should receive their call, and routing & delivering that call, all in a matter of seconds.

Intrado was the first emergency communications company to apply the same goal to Text-to-911. The technical challenge of sending an SMS message directly to the digits “9-1-1” and having it route and display at a PSAP was just the beginning. The FCC, Wireless Carriers and Public Safety organizations subsequently implemented a detailed and comprehensive nationwide system to help PSAPs deliver this additional life-saving service in their areas, as they were ready.

Adoption of Text-to-911 has followed a familiar pattern. “Early adopters” were the pioneers, figuring out many things as they went along; the “early majority” and “late majority” came on board as the systems and processes were standardized and proven.  We are currently in what’s called the “late adopter” stage. Great progress has been made but it’s estimated that 20% of the U.S. population still cannot send a text message directly to 9-1-1.

Why is that?

Every situation is unique, but one major reason is, it’s not easy. Far from it.

Navigating the complex and interconnected world of carriers, Text Control Centers, 9-1-1 service providers and public safety is a skill possessed by very few companies with deep knowledge and long experience. And while others’ solutions claim to serve public safety, if you dig a little deeper, it’s in a very limited, outbound-only way. They don’t deliver the “gold standard” of simply getting citizens text-based requests for help directly to 9-1-1, delivering location and the ability to transfer messages as needed. Public safety agencies need to ask questions, understand the differences, and then decide what’s right for them, both short and long term.

Because if it was easy, anybody could do it.

Interested in learning about the Intrado solution—TXT29-1-1® or the Interim TXT29-1-1 solution for non-text-enabled PSAPs? Please visit us here:

Intrado’s SVP/GM of Carrier Services recently appeared on The Michael Brown Show to discuss how Intrado is leveraging proven technology and services to provide Text-to-911 to PSAPs who are not yet text-enabled but want to be armed with life-saving technology while meeting FCC requirements. Click to view.

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Posted on May 1, 2020 by West Corporation 

IVR Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond | Inside CX

IVR, or interactive voice response, has been around for a long time, but these popular solutions have changed a lot in recent years. In fact, current IVR trends lead these solutions to be more like intelligent digital assistants today, rather than simple phone trees of years past. Read More >

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Posted on April 21, 2020 by West Corporation 

911 Location Challenges in Schools and Workplaces Concern Americans

One of the most pressing technology-related concerns in 911 today is quickly identifying the location of 911 callers. When 911 callers are at home and use a traditional landline to place a call, 911 call takers can automatically receive information about the location of the caller. However, emergencies do not always happen at home. They happen at school, work, and many other places. As a result, many of the calls 911 call takers receive pose location identification challenges. Read More >

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Posted on April 13, 2020 by West Corporation 

It’s a Tool, not an Invasion! 911 Location Identification for Alarm/Security Monitors

Data is important. Reliable data is key!

A prevalent concern throughout the public safety industry concerns subscriber data accuracy, including alarm and security monitoring. There seems to be some confusion about why there are data problems, but it may simply be a matter of misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, many people have had negative experiences with telemarketers, compromised identity issues or other privacy concerns. When alarm companies’ customer service or sales agents ask for required contact information, subscribers may not understand that the data is necessary and stored in their monitoring account to actually help their alarm company keep them SAFE.

Actionable Data for AHJ’s

The lack of actionable contact data may compromise public safety (Authority Having Jurisdiction or AHJ) response to a subscriber’s alarm activation. Here are some things to think about when processing data:

  • The subscriber may have recently moved into a new property and may not provide an accurate address to the alarm company.
  • Subscribers, or their legal representatives, may neglect to inform the alarm company when the phone number for their monitored location is changed.
  • Company acquisitions pose an additional problem with location and contact data; subscribers may not understand HOW to update their information with the new alarm company.
  •  In certain circumstances, the subscriber’s address may change due to municipal realignment or renaming, annexation, incorporation, etc.

Technology for Alarm and Security Monitoring

New technology that can help alarm companies understand the address or location of subscribers is now available. Addresses are identified while an account is still new – before an alarm is activated. Additionally, the systems identify jurisdictions of police, fire, medical and PERS AHJs, supplying alarm companies with accurate data in spite of information they may have received otherwise.

Reliable technology identifies the customer’s location for the AHJ, enables the alarm / security monitoring company to contact them and improves the probability that the AHJ will respond to their alarm activation.

The Intrado Solution

Interested in learning about the Intrado solution–Emergency Response Link (ERL)—that connects alarm security monitoring agencies to reliable, actionable data? Please visit us here.

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Posted on April 7, 2020 by West Corporation 

911’s Most Urgent Question: Where Is Your Emergency?

There’s a reason why the first question 911 call takers typically ask callers is, “Where is your emergency?” Quickly identifying a caller’s location is critical. It allows for rescue personnel to be dispatched rapidly to the scene of an emergency. Most 911 callers don’t realize how challenging it can be for dispatchers to determine their location. If calling from home, callers may assume 911 call takers already have the location information. Read More >