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Add Big Data Skills to your Arsenal of Tools

by Jen Rychly, Media Coordinator – West Corporation

Recently, two executives within West Corporation were featured in CIO, a publication geared toward IT professionals. The latest issue details an up-and-coming trend that is becoming more common among information technology organizations. West is among one of the leading technology companies using online training. Clearly, online training doesn’t replace a formal education, but for those looking to expand or simply begin working on their big data skillset–online training is a perfect place to start.

Acquiring the big data skillset

Due to rapidly evolving technology, it’s often challenging for organizations to acquire the “perfect” candidate with all the necessary skillsets needed to perform to expectations, particularly in big data. Even when they think they have the right fit, the skills needed today may become passé tomorrow. By offering online training courses, West ensures our employees are up to speed on the vital skills needed in today’s fast-moving tech world.

In the article Dmitriy Khots, Vice President of Strategic Analyst Insight, acknowledges that in order to stay up to speed, frequent training is required. “My team has been using online resources — self-paced and instructor-led, as well as purely individual efforts through YouTube learning — for almost a decade,” Khots said. “I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few folks stay with me for this entire time and, of course, when we onboard new analysts, we provide internal and external training to get them up to speed on our technology. It is actually part of most of my team’s job descriptions to keep aware of developments in new data technology.”

Aside from being able to stay up to date on the latest and greatest, Nicole Hajdrowski, Vice President of Training and Development, also points out that online training can be extremely efficient and cost effective. “Up until a few years ago we did all of our training live, we would bring them here to the office, we would disrupt their days, disrupt their lives and ability to work because we’d have to fly them all here to our HQ in Chicago, do a couple of weeks training with them, then send them back into the field.”

West is a global communication and technology powerhouse. By making online training an available option, it not only saves time and money, but it proves that it can bridge the gap on acquiring big data skills. West is committed to the growth of their employees, and is proud to be able to offer a convenient resource to aid in the growth and future of the company. Read the full edition here.

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