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Posted on January 13, 2016 by West Corporation 



More Control = Easier Self-Service

They say that variety is the spice of life, so when it comes to providing customers with individualized, custom-tailored experiences, it’s probably best to add an extra dash or two. Although the desire for quick and painless resolution is usually universal among customers, the means of reaching this destination tends to vary wildly depending on user preference.

After West’s clients expressed an overwhelming interest in multi-modal IVR during our 2015 Connected Customer Experience Summit, it’s only fitting to ring in 2016 by talking about the potential uses and impact of multi-modal solutions. (Which we will talk about in even greater detail during our first Product Advisory Council on February 2nd).

Customers in every industry demand answers when and where they want them. (We’ve noted before that one-third of Millennials would prefer to clean a toilet than wait for a live agent). Customers will go to extreme measures to self-resolve, but need reliability when an issue demands greater attention.

This is why it is so important for brands to cover all their bases, but also make sure that they can effectively orchestrate every channel around the tried-and-true customer fallback: a phone call.


West sees 2016 as an opportunity to help our clients create a more effective, consistent and rewarding experience for their customers by exploring a next generation communication solution that combines the reliable IVR of today with a mobile-ready visual interface. This concept centers upon allowing consumers to simultaneously interact via voice, Web and SMS, while completing just about any task that they’ve set out to accomplish.

The beauty of this synchronization is in the fact that customers self-resolve their issues in the exact manner that they choose for every single unique concern, without ever having to disconnect or transfer. Watch this short demo to see what we mean.

IVR demo

As the New Year begins, so too does West’s renewed commitment to helping brands drive exceptionally connected customer experiences. Emphasizing multi-modality, and seeing our partners move into the customer satisfaction fast lane is one of our resolutions that’s definitely going to stick.


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