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Posted on January 5, 2016 by West Corporation 



Relentless Innovation, Continuous Improvement

Not long ago, the masses reveled at the possibilities of email communication. A decade later, people delighted in sending and receiving easily digestible text messages. Now focus is shifting toward multi-modal interactions and combining communication channels in the exact ways that we want.

Here we are in 2016, still filled with blissful ignorance in regard to what wonders lie ahead technologically. Yet, we are in a different place than ever before in that we have come to expect this sort of continuous improvement in all technological walks of life—especially when it comes to customer service.

Though the layperson doesn’t know exactly how their customer experience is going to improve moving forward, all seem to expect that brands keep up with their increasingly high-paced lifestyles. This is why it is so vital for companies to take on this challenge head on, and address customer concerns before they have even become a reality. We must strive to continuously improve, innovate and optimize.

Easier said than done, right? Nevertheless, staying ahead of your customers and competition is worth the work. During West’s recent Customer Summit, Michael Tchong spoke to the framework needed to “Fuel Innovation.” He broke it down into four basic principles:

  • Borrow from the Silicon Valley model
  • Think differently
  • Pay close attention to customers and emerging trends
  • Analyze successful case studies

Tchong summed up his set up principles, articulating that successful brand evolution comes from “inventiveness.” To play on this idea, he narrated the lifecycle of the “selfie,” and how it has evolved to meet the customer desire for longer arms by introducing the oft-joked about selfie stick. (Any of you who joined us at industry events last fall just may have a fancy West-branded one at home.)

Successful businesses are working harder than ever before to exceed customer demands through innovation. This type of genuine innovation requires brands to take a relentless approach to discovery. For example: one of West’s longtime cable/satellite clients decided to work with West to perform a pilot study to analyze data in relation to Pay-Per-View (PPV) UFC purchases made via text message.

By heavily scrutinizing existing factors, potential factors and best RevStatpossible outcomes, we helped this client determine that sending a text two days prior to a PPV event yielded the best results. They saw a 40 percent increase in revenue.

As self-driving cars come closer to becoming the norm, and apps help deliver any food your heart desires, the need to analyze and deliver on customer desire is more urgent than ever. Optimization is certainly top of West’s mind as we look to the New Year.

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