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Roses are Red, the PC is Through?

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The time of year that masses of eligible singles sit at home with pints of ice cream on-hand, scrolling through nauseatingly romantic pictures in their Facebook and Instagram feeds. With each refresh comes a feeling of satisfied envy. Satisfied being the key word.

Not long ago, such Internet scrolling transitioned from mouse wheel to persistent thumb. Robert Cringley recently posted an article detailing this evolution and why a computer in our pocket trumps one at a desk.

Sitting at a desktop with Ben and Jerry’s just doesn’t paint the same picture of self-pity as a mobile device, a couch and Sleepless in Seattle in the background. It’s strangely satisfying self-pity because it’s where we want it and how we want it.

Our mobile devices are part of us; when we wear our hearts on our sleeves, smartphones are waiting in our palms to pick up the pieces. Like a best friend, they are there at all hours, ready to swoop in wherever help’s needed.

When the couch gets monotonous and a private Valentine’s Day getaway is in order, companies in every industry are fueling the peoples’ demand for mobility by:

  • Analyzing customer data and optimizing voice-based customer service. Based on Joe’s activity on their webpage earlier today, Airline Company X already knew that he may be calling to book a one-way ticket to Jamaica and helped speed his call along. Goodbye loneliness!
  • Helping customers feel just as safe on their mobile devices as they were on desktops. Hawaiian Shirt Surplus Co. knows how sensitive credit card credentials are. They’ve made it a mission to keep Joe’s information secure when he’s clicking-to-call an agent and finalized the order for his getaway wardrobe.
  • Making the user experience feel natural. Joe was in such a hurry to get to the airport that a forgotten brake pedal gifted him a small fender bender. Insurance Company X received Joe’s claim and proactively texted him the same day to let him know its status.
  • Now that that’s out of sight and his plane has landed, Joe can focus on dinner: Sushi or local fare? Let’s check some mobile reviews…

A mobile device is almost literally a sidekick — with people every step of the way, ready to cater to a customer’s every whim. While the desktop may have its place in school and the office awhile longer, the advancements in mobile technology being made at this very moment beg the question… How much longer?

Perhaps it’s something to ponder over a plate of island cuisine? My phone says the place is right around the corner.

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