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Posted on January 22, 2016 by West Corporation 



Is Your IVR Out of Shape?

Voice self-service is a lynchpin for most companies’ customer service roadmaps. Optimization strategy can make it exceptional. Having seen the retail industry’s customer service influence across all verticals, we at West have witnessed the importance of evolution firsthand.

The consumer-driven world in which we live has spread the demand for accurate, immediate care when it comes to anything from pizza delivery, to air travel and even to choosing an insurance provider. Retail has set a standard that companies in every industry are being challenged to exceed.

While few would venture to argue against the need to drive an individualized customer experience, it is all-too-easy for brands to neglect helping voice solutions grow beyond their infancy stage.

Yes, we need to create a customer experience that evolves with our customer’s needs. But how does a company shift beyond stating the obvious to moving toward a more finite means of accomplishing customer satisfaction?

West helps clients by emphasizing a strong IVR foundation that matures through expert business analysis.

A strong customer communication solution suite starts with a great IVR. Much like working out our bodies, an IVR can only stay “fit” through purposeful, continuous analysis.

This infographic touching on West best practices is a good exercise regimen to help keep your IVR in flexing shape before swimsuit season:


  • Incorporate data to heighten caller authentication and verification, trimming time and frustration
  • Integrate proactive SMS/text notifications to preempt inbound customer calls and decreases repeat calls
  • Empower customers to help themselves 24/7×365 with user-friendly interfaces on multiple channels
  • Enable callers to speak naturally and self-serve more quickly with speech recognition applications

Brands renowned for providing world-class customer service don’t get there by accident. When it comes to relating to customers and providing them appropriate support however, wherever and whenever they need it, forethought is everything. Phone calls aren’t going anywhere. (Gartner agrees with us here!)! It’s time to strengthen your IVR core through a more disciplined workout regimen.

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