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Posted on August 3, 2016 by West Corporation 



Communication that Supports a Community in Crisis

When a shirt doesn’t fit quite right, or the cable bill is steeper than in the past, customers expect reliable communication to rectify the inconvenience. But what if a person’s well-being depended on a brand’s ability to deliver timely interactions? Often, keeping customers connected is not only a luxury, but a necessity.

That was the case when a devastating flood hit West Virginia and an entire community was left without power and easy access to the pharmacies on which they relied for essential prescriptions. In the midst of this disaster, one pharmacy opened a mobile pharmacy to ensure folks in need were able to get their medications.

The challenge then became: How would they spread word to a community in crisis?

The pharmacy teamed up with West to proactively spread the word to patients with a combination of outbound text messages, outbound voice and voicemail communications.

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When disaster strikes and lives depend on cohesive teamwork, it makes a world of difference knowing you have a partner who truly cares in your corner.

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