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The Path to Meaningful Engagement

By Colin Roberts, Senior Director, Healthcare Product Integration, West Corporation

Technological innovations have gifted providers with myriad ways to communicate with and collect data from patients.

As provider organizations seek to incorporate more — and more meaningful — touchpoints with their patients throughout the continuum of care, they are challenges to close communication and care gaps, improve staff workflows, and ultimately drive more holistic patient engagement.

The ideal pathway to optimized patient engagement and activation lays in establishing and utilizing standardized best practices and leveraging automation.

A standardized and consistent communication pathway gives every department manager a more productive, contextual, and consistent way to seamlessly engage with patients on any issue and at any point within the continuum of care.

Automation establishes a cadence for reminders, including duration, frequency, time of day, and how patients want to be contacted. Though the term “automation” sometimes carries a negative assumption that the future of patient engagement removes human interaction from the equation, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the automation of routine communication alleviates administrative burdens, freeing team members to focus on more complex interactions in a meaningful way. With today’s technology, even automated processes can be personalized — both in messaging (i.e., specific to the individual patient) and how the message is communicated (i.e., the patient: phone call, text, email, etc.).

Value-based healthcare has myriad moving parts, but the clear through line is the efficacy of provider-patient communication. Greater financial obligations have given patients greater power when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider, and the mandate to reduce costly readmissions and provide patients a retail-feel to healthcare encounters has incented providers to seamlessly optimize patients To see a demo, visit the West Corp. booth at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas.

Note: This blog originally appeared in Health IT Outcomes.

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