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How Utilities Should Respond to the Mobile Shift

Doug Thompson, Director of Product Development

According to Google, 87 percent of people now have their phones by their sides at all times.[i] Despite many utilities recognizing the need to address ever-rising customer mobility with newer, more proactive communication strategies, they still fail to make it a priority.

In my recent article published in CS Week’s Spring edition of Newsline Magazine (Page 3), I explore the customer experience (CX) challenges today’s utilities face, and offer my take on how utilities can capitalize upon the “mobile shift” that has gradually seeped into the industry.

“Utility customers are reaching for their mobile devices expecting interaction with your company to be as intuitive and flexible as it is with their favorite retailer. A challenge, yes… but one that presents a significantly rewarding Utility CS Week Newslineopportunity for utilities willing to put in the necessary legwork to meet and exceed growing expectations. A study by Enkata states that preemptive service can reduce inbound call volumes by up to 30 percent, while increasing retention rates by 3 to 5 percent.[ii] In an industry where busy signals spell trouble (specifically, when it comes to the Public Utility Commission) and J.D. Power often represents a critical measure of success, reducing reactive customer care can make all the difference. The solution is simple: avoid reactive customer care by providing more personalized, predictive communication.”

Click here to check out my full Newsline article, starting on Page 3, and discover some key insights into how you can stay ahead of today’s modern utility customer.


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