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A Day in the Life of Your Customer

When’s the last time you took a walk in your customers’ shoes? Mapping the journey from their perspective is the first step in building an actionable roadmap to improve customer experience. (There’s a worksheet below to help you get started.)

Imagine a day in the life of a typical American consumer…

Jana wakes up one rainy summer night to a text message that a power outage was reported in the customer journey maparea and the utility company is on top of it.

She wonders if the storms will interfere with scheduled garbage pick-up times. She calls in to the automated system and learns within seconds that the schedule will proceed normally.

Later, Jana hops online to check on the status of a dress order and initiates a Web chat, which greets her by name and lets her know that the dress is ready for pick-up (and the store location and hours – just in case).

Flitting over to Facebook, she sees an ad for the perfect bracelet to compliment the dress she ordered. (Google searching for the store earlier obviously paid off!)

Your customers like Jana are interacting with brands all day long – even without ever leaving home. You may think you’re offering choice, convenience and control, but how does your communication compare to the other brands customers know well, across any industry? How do your interactions fit right into their lives?

Achieving this type of second-nature communication is certainly easier said than done, but getting started doesn’t have to be. Start by mapping the customer journey:

  • Evaluate the current journey to get a better picture of the ideal state
  • Explore customers’ functional and emotional expectations
  • Think about trends and customers’ experiences with brands in other industries

Download West’s Customer Journey Map Worksheet

In order to drive personalization and convenience, we’ve found that it’s crucial to think like your customers like Jana. We’re all human, after all.

Interested in learning more about taking this first step – and the next one after that? Watch this recent webinar on responding to the “mobile shift.”

Connect with West’s expert solution consultants for help taking a closer look at the customer journey and developing a strategic roadmap to increase customer experience lifecycle management maturity.

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