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Be the Lexus® of Healthcare

By Brian Cooper, Patient Engagement Strategist, West Healthcare

Lexus is the most dependable car brand on the market today, according to J.D. Power & Associates. It has ranked the highest in vehicle dependability for five consecutive years.

What does this have to do with healthcare? A lot, when you consider the changing landscape of our healthcare industry.

We are entering a world where consumers’ experience with the care they receive matters more than ever before—and where ratings like those by J.D. Powers could soon become a reality for health systems across the United States. We are entering a world where consumers expect the same level of service and quality that they receive in other industries. We are entering a world where consumers are beginning to ask themselves: “Why should I buy healthcare from you as opposed to your competitor down the street?”

Healthcare organizations are competing ever more fiercely to gain and retain patients’ business—and first impressions are critical. That’s why the patient’s experience when reaching out to your healthcare organization seeking to do business with you is so important. That’s why a modernized access center (a centralized scheduling or contact center) is critical both for differentiating your organization and for preventing leakage.

How is your organization leveraging this critical contact point? What success are you having getting patients through your front door? Wouldn’t your patients love to encounter a concierge-type service as they walk (or call) through your door?

A modernized access center, equipped with an intelligent, personalized, “single front door” delivered via IVR (interactive voice response technology), will give your patients this kind of world-class experience as they walk—or call, text or e-mail—through your door. Such a modernized system allows you to:

  • Maximize patient retention and patient referral revenue by making the best possible first impression with new patients and providing personalized interactions with current patients
  • Use the visibility gained through this single front door to create and execute much more targeted and relevant patient marketing and engagement/activation programs
  • Drastically improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs in your scheduling centers, clinics and physician offices
  • Use the data captured to help develop more consistent scheduling processes and templates that can be leveraged to drive your self-service scheduling and digital patient-engagement strategy

This level of service is not outside your grasp. What it certainly requires is a modernized access center. For many organizations, such modernization has been a low priority on the budget. But in a consumer-driven society—and in an industry where success in value-based care means bringing in and keeping more patients—organizations can’t afford to put off modernization any longer. The time to do it is now.

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Lexus® is a registered trademark of the Toyota Corporation.

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