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Posted on February 24, 2015 by West Corporation 



Catch the next wave in self-service IVR

Voice technology is as relevant as ever in customer service space. But it’s not standing still; it’s evolving with consumers. (In fact, there’s a good chance you’re reading this post on a smartphone as we speak, which is proof that we aren’t just using “voice” in the same way we always have.)

All of us expect our phones to keep up, helping us to take care of something at the moment it crosses our minds; smart, easy and uniquely ours. Why wouldn’t we want the same from our interactive voice response technology?

We would. We do. And, at West, we’re helping brands strategically get ahead of the game with customer communications in the next wave of IVR.

Last week in Miami, I was fortunate to take part in the Execs In The Know: Customer Response Summit, attended by roughly 100 executives charged with their organizations’ customer care. In conjunction with insightful presentations from renowned brands like Amazon, GM and Verizon, West was asked to share an innovative idea in a session about the future of the customer experience.

I presented our fresh concept of a multi-modal IVR that combines traditional IVR services with a visual interface to help users self-serve in real-time. Consumers can interact with voice, Web and SMS channels simultaneously to complete any number of tasks – receive images, type responses, set preferences, verify transactions, make payments, you name it – without having to transfer, disconnect or speak to a live agent. Check out this quick video demo.

West’s multi-modal IVR solution will create a more effective, seamless, step-by-step self-service experience for customers, and reduce costly and potentially repetitive agent calls. It’s a win-win.

Like we say in the video, it’s time to see what IVR can do.

The response from summit attendees was phenomenal. Our multi-modal IVR solution generated interest, comments and questions from Execs In The Know, and the conversation is just beginning… We hope you’ll also weigh in on this next wave of IVR and explore what it can to transform the customer’s journey with your brand.

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