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Posted on December 5, 2016 by West Corporation 



Choosing a Contact Center Provider that Fits Your Needs

If you’re like many companies, you’re considering either an update or a complete upgrade of your contact center solution. This is obviously a decision that you can’t take lightly. You’re undoubtedly facing budgetary pressure, which means you need to implement the right solution the first time.

And just what is the “right solution”? The specifics will vary from company to company, but the preferred outcome is the same across the board: you need a system that’s going to increase your level of customer service and enhance your business. Considering all of the variables, however, this is no small feat.

That’s why we developed an in-depth worksheet for you to evaluate potential providers. It helps you walk through the areas that are most critical for your new solution’s success, and allows you to score each of the providers’ answers in terms of how their specific solution will help you meet your goals (or not).

The worksheet covers possible providers and their:

  • Competencies and consultation
  • Contact center capabilities
  • IVR capabilities
  • Focus on customer experience
  • Technology and scalability
  • Operational control and visibility
  • Expertise and market leadership

In all, there are more than 35 questions that will guide you toward the best contact center solution and provider for your specific needs and overall business goals.

Download the Provider Evaluation Worksheet today. It will help you concentrate on both the large and small details to ensure you choose a provider and solution that will enhance your customer experience in the contact center and beyond.

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