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Climbing the Next Hill

Imagine 30,000 menacing obstacles in your path. You’re dehydrated. Hungry. Wobbling like a drunk, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Your feet are blistered, your eyes hurt, your head throbs and your will is all but broken. You’re not even sure how you will to go on. You feel defeated.

In October 1972, the plane transporting an Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the Andes mountains. After waiting for a rescue that never appears, two men leave their makeshift camp and set off into the mountains with a plan to rescue the remaining survivors. In one particular scene of the movie Alive that depicts this tragedy turned triumph, Nando Parrado (played by Ethan Hawke) climbs to the top of a mountain and urges his teammate Roberto Canessa (played by Josh Hamilton) to climb it with him, assuring him that just over the edge is a green pasture — and hope. Defeated doesn’t begin to describe Canessa’s reaction when he gets to the top and realizes that they are staring at an entire mountain range, which they will have to cross.

Transforming Communication with Your Customers

From talking with companies about how to change their business and their business processes to mirror the demands of their customers by using multiple channels for the same interaction, we know that many find themselves standing in Canessa’s shoes. They wonder, “How am I going to climb that next mountain?”

Beginning the process of transforming your business to match your customers preferred communication channels seems more daunting than it needs to be. Asking yourself some pointed questions will help define a roadmap for climbing over and out of the mountains. Some such questions may include:

  • What communication channel conducts the majority of my customer conversations today?
  • Is that channel performing optimally?
  • What can’t be done in that channel that could be done in a different channel, and how valuable is that to the customer?

Once you begin to answer those questions, a logical path begins to appear, and climbing the next mountain seems possible.

When it comes to transforming your communication efforts to match the demands of your customers, taking a methodical approach addressing the most critical area and optimizing the most commonly used channels will usually guide you down the right path.


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