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Congratulations! You’ve just hired a family

In the frenzy of hiring, onboarding and beginning the employment of a new hire, you rarely think about the impact of the hiring event on the new employee’s family or circle of close friends. Yet, a family’s influence on and impression of your company may play a role in your ability to retain each employee and affect their long-term job satisfaction. Often the most critical family impact during the hiring process is the health benefit package the new employee receives, but family consideration can and should extend beyond those core health benefits.

The hiring event is simply the starting point of contemplating the family influence dynamic. An employee’s daily experiences and how they share those happenings begins building the family’s perception of how family-friendly your company might be. In many families, the sharing of daily events often includes exchanges about what happened at work and school. What might those exchanges sound like as your employees give their families a download about their day at work.

Is your workplace family-friendly? Consider these factors in answering that question

Balanced Lifestyle
Do your employees have the opportunity to unplug when they are outside of work to fully engage with their family and friends during weekends, evenings and vacation?  It’s essential to create the right culture, processes and adequate after-hours backup support to allow employees to be free of their work duties and electronic devices so the time they spend with their family is uninterrupted quality time.

Family Engagement in the Workplace
Do you periodically organize events that allow employees to bring their family members to the workplace so they feel familiar with and a part of their loved one’s work environment? Holding work-sponsored events like Halloween trick-or-treating, pictures with Santa, community charity events or a work picnic can instill a great deal of family interaction and goodwill. Those family events may also benefit workplace relationships as employees get to know the families of their peers and have the opportunity to see them as a parent, grandparent or spouse.

Employee Recognition
Do you provide recognition events that allow your employees to share with their family how their work was received and acknowledged by their employer or co-workers? Issuing notes of achievement or peer recognition certificates along with nominal gift cards for family-oriented activities for dinner out or discounts to local recreational family events allows an employee to share their accomplishments with their families.

Family Perks
Does your company offer discount opportunities from local retailers that extend to family members or that benefit an employee’s family? Take every opportunity to generate those discount opportunities with retailers and communicate to employees those additional benefits and the value they may provide to their families.

So, the next time you consider actions to increase employee morale, retention and job satisfaction, remember the family factor in your equation.

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