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Seeing the Bigger Contact Center Picture in the Channel

Bruce Pollock, VP of Strategic Growth and Planning, West

As people evolve in step with the technology they touch, cloud-based solutions provide the flexibility and agility organizations need to respond to them effectively. But. The right technology is just one piece of the puzzle.

By 2020, if not before, Customer Experience (CX) will become more important to customers than price or product as a key brand differentiator. As such, a set-and-forget technological mindset that companies have used in the past is dangerous. As expectations climb, organizations that fail to ground technology in thoughtful strategy will struggle to connect meaningfully and effectively with customers. Without forethought, interactions become siloed across channels and departments, customers repeat themselves as they are passed from agent to agent, and the company’s top and bottom line suffers.

So how can you help your clients avoid these commonplace contact center pitfalls? Let’s look at a few inbound strategies that are essential to success in today’s CX landscape.

Approach everything with a multi-channel mindset.

Customer-centric organizations are focusing on channel orchestration and the ability to deliver a comprehensive conversation across the entire customer journey. A holistic CX approach allows companies to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and more effectively identify gaps in their current experience. And understanding the pain points in in your clients’ current customer experience is the first step toward bridging the gap to an ideal one.

Focus on more intelligent routing.

After a client connects every channel within their CX ecosystem, they can more easily collect data from multiple touchpoints and develop routing strategies that guide their customers to the right place the first time, regardless of channel of choice. From parameters that direct their customers with outstanding bills to account services, to connecting a unique customer with an agent he’s already spoken to—CX-focused companies leverage existing data to inform interactions and facilitate contact center flexibility.

Make self-service effortless.

Research shows that all customers—regardless of demographics—tend to start self-service on the web. Unsurprisingly, companies that wield a rich online FAQ tend to have less inbound call volume, and frankly, a better overall CX in general. That’s because they’ve thought through every level of the customer journey. When these brands receive multiple queries around a single topic, they identify ways to effectively pre-empt—like using caller data to proactively provide an expected package delivery time in the call queue.

Our Take

The customer journey is an ongoing conversation. Providing a differentiated contact center CX that resonates with your clients and their customers requires more than technology alone. It requires the support of a strategic, forward-thinking consultative partner. Technical infrastructure should be layered with ongoing company-wide optimization and orchestration to make data-driven decisions that inspire, align and guarantee long-term business performance and customer delight…

A connected CX must be supported by the right organizational skillsets, management processes and strategies. It’s apparent that the rules that once applied to call centers simply don’t translate to today’s inbound contact center—because modern customers demand the ability to get in touch with businesses whenever, wherever and however they want.

Recognized as a 2017 Service Leader for Contact Center Infrastructure, West helps clients more effectively communicate through a diverse portfolio of solutions, including unified communications services and interactive services.

This article originally appeared in Intelisys’ Weekly Newsletter.

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