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Posted on May 6, 2015 by West Corporation 



Customer Care: Walk the Talk

The customer experience professional’s to-do list continues to grow and evolve as the lines between “customer care” and “brand” blur. We’ve all seen it coming, but the question remains: What’s one to do about it? How do we address more self-service options, across more channels, more frequently; still find ways to make a customer’s experience more personalized; and ultimately make business more profitable?

We can’t just say that we emphasize customer care; we need to walk the customer journey and collaborate intra-organizationally to make users feel that we sincerely care about where they’ve been and where they need to go.

Applying what we learn about consumers through real-time, historical and demographic data points, we can not only describe their behavior, but predict it ­– and use it to inform a consistent, cohesive message across channels. Hence, we’ll deliver strategic proactivity, greater productivity, better personalization and enhanced profitability to our businesses.

This Thursday, May 7th, Vice President of Strategic Growth and Planning Bruce Pollock will present on a panel at Argyle’s 2015 Customer Care Leadership Forum in Chicago, IL, and help empower customer experience executives to walk the “customer care” talk all the way to true economic impact.

Moderated by Amas Tenumah, COX Communications Vice President of Customer Care, Bruce and fellow panelists will discuss “The Modern Day Customer Care and Customer Experience Executive,” including industry best practices in self-service and using customer insight to ever-improve the experience.

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