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How to Deliver a Better Contact Center CX

During CRMXchange’s recent webcast, Does Your Contact Center Make or Break the Customer Experience?, Dan Gordon explored the notion of a collective customer journey, and how every interaction adds or subtracts from a big picture experience across multiple functions and channels. With the contact center at the heart of this journey, Gordon tackled a number of topics relating to contact center success.

Check out the webcast recording here, and leverage these key takeaways to start engaging your customers however, whenever and whenever they demand.

Multichannel capabilities

  • Evaluate how customers interact with your brand across channels and functions.
  • Determine how to quantify decreasing agent and customer effort. Identify opportunities to shift tools, processes and technologies for a more connected experience.
  • Look for chances to consolidate disparate support outlets (like related 800 numbers).
  • Provide preference management that allows customers to identify desired channels of communication.

Speed, ease and self-service

  • Consider what customer data you have and what data you need to make experiences easier.
  • Break down call flows and identify points of friction, like where people are hanging up.
  • Leverage data from past interactions to show customers that you know their names, concerns and communication preferences.
  • Implement smart technology to streamline CX. Roll-out callback technology, for example, to eliminate long hold times and reach customers on their own terms.

Caller Satisfaction/Customer Journey

  • Find ways to elicit customer feedback. Implement post-call surveys and monitor social media.
  • Measure things like call-length, average call time and Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Don’t fixate solely on call length. Instead, refer back to customer data to create “moments of wow.”
  • Shift focus from fixing the “symptom” to addressing the cause of it. Could lack of cross-channel visibility be the underlying cause of poor IVR interactions, for example?

Agent/Contact Center Performance

  • Pass caller information along to agents’ desktop to arm them with relevant customer information ahead of time.
  • Recognize agents as a point of escalation. Agents should be well trained to address customer frustration and demand for urgent resolution.
  • Avoid long hold-times and passing callers to multiple agents.
  • Implement strategies like skill-based routing to get customers to the right agent the first time they reach out.

Ready to take the next steps toward more effective contact center operations? Connect with West to take a comprehensive assessment and see if your contact center makes or breaks the customer experience.

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