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Don’t Ignore Any Outage

Feeling ignored by friends can be irritating. Feeling ignored by co-workers can cause miscommunication.

Feeling completely unsure of where your voice has landed when you are in an emergency situation is downright terrifying.

Imagine: A storm has blackened the sky. The first bolt of lightning cracks its whip. Lights out. Your frantic fingers dial the local utility company and you are taunted by a cold busy signal.

Utility customers not only crave solutions for more reliable communication, but desperately need them. As human beings, we deserve the peace-of-mind that we are being kept safe. Utility companies are in a unique positon to provide life’s necessities and keep consumers in-the-know.

TFCC/West’s high volume call answering (HVCA) system has transformed the way utility companies do business in storm-related, extended-outage situations. Now, companies are using their HVCA systems for all outage reporting, even on blue-sky days. By creating a consistent customer experience, these utilities are increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing operational costs.

When the power goes out, customers can call and trust that their concerns were addressed promptly. They were given the opportunity to provide essential pieces of information via interactive voice response (IVR); and they were instantly reassured because the utility’s phone number and prompts are familiar, for every outage.

Tampa Electric Company (TECO) is one company that decided to route all outage calls to their HVCA system. (In fact, TECO didn’t even build an outage program into its existing IVR applications – instead choosing to rely on HVCA.) Since implementation, TECO’s average call-length has decreased by 38 seconds and containment has increased by 19 percent. This has led to $.12 in savings on every automated call. Additionally, live agents are handling 3 percent fewer outage calls, freeing resources to address extreme emergencies and revenue-generating calls. ROI continues to rise.

No customer has ever complained about having questions answered too quickly. No business complains about saving too much money. In a world where we have come to expect the utmost reliability from communication technology, it is time for utility companies to explore the benefits of consolidating IVR systems and integrating HVCA for all outage reporting.

Whether you’re already partnering with TFCC/West or just beginning to explore new IVR technologies, let’s connect to talk more about it.

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