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Posted on October 31, 2016 by West Corporation 



Looking Inside-Out to Drive CX Maturity

It’s no secret that customers call the shots. With their livelihoods teetering upon 5-star ratings, brands understand the importance of providing a customer experience (CX) that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Yet even with this understanding, many struggle building a sustainable strategy to deliver.

What’s a common misstep companies make in their pursuit of CX excellence? Blindly overhauling existing technologies and methodologies to “wow” customers, without ever understanding their current CX and what internal factors are playing a role.CX maturity

What we really need to do is slow down to avoid putting the cart before the horse. To shift from siloed functions and disjointed interactions to prescriptive, omnichannel customer journeys, brands need to start taking a look in the mirror. That means:

  • Examining structure and shared visibility among organizational functions
  • Identifying if and how groups throughout the organization are aligning with one another to accomplish common customer-centric goals
  • Understanding how the enterprise is storing and leveraging customer data across all channels and functions

West’s Customer Experience Lifecycle Management (CXLM) Maturity Model helps explore the relationship between what customers are experiencing and how brands are delivering that experience. Creating more efficient and rewarding self-service interactions doesn’t happen without understanding the codependence of these two reflections. Check out this complimentary e-book to learn more.

While there is no quick fix to achieving CX maturity, knowing where your enterprise currently stands is necessary in level-setting conversation about structural challenges and developing ways to begin orchestrating and executing on a better CX.

After taking a look at the maturity model, take this short quiz to see how you stack up. Connect with West to take a comprehensive assessment and get help building your roadmap to maturity.

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