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Embracing SMS: Luv 2 ur CX

Texting isn’t just a pick-up-game. Adopted by the majority of people in the U.S., it’s increasingly seen as a “free” mode of regular communication. As brands of every type address the loud-and-clear customer preference to communicate with their thumbs, it’s important for seasoned texters and newbies alike to heed the rules of the SMS playing field.

There’s no need to worry if you don’t know the difference between a vanity short code and a dedicated short code; that’s what communication partners are for. This quick list of SMS FAQs will make it “EZ 4 U” to appreciate the details of recent opt-in regulation updates.

On September 1, 2015, The Wireless Association (CTIA) published an updated Short Code Monitoring Handbook with one particular change that spells big news for engagement with your customers. Previously, a “double opt-in” regulation was in place, requiring customers to opt-in twice to participate in your mobile programs. The updated handbook has eliminated the need for customers to perform this second opt-in, which means that you will see a significant increase in successful SMS interactions. Three cheers for mobility!

For some consumers, responding to a text message that requested further confirmation was a waste of time, and businesses were missing out on significant customer engagement as a consequence. Now that customers only need to opt-in once, brands are better positioned to ensure frequent interaction and higher customer satisfaction. Think delivery updates, storm outage alerts and flight delays. As increased smartphone sophistication drives customer demand for more reliable communication, this is certainly a welcome change.

Whether you have been connecting with customers via text message for a long time, or you are just beginning to explore this channel, the opportunity to capitalize on SMS relationships has never been GR8R.

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