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Posted on October 22, 2013 by West Corporation 



Five Tips for Evaluating Your Customer Engagement Solutions

As customer engagement expectations continue to evolve, it is important to continuously analyze and improve the contact center solutions and technology you have deployed for your customers. Here are five questions to ask, with tips for evaluating your existing customer engagement solutions:

1.     Does it provide a best-in-class customer care experience that sets you apart?

  • Evaluate to make sure your self-service applications are designed with end-user focus to gain maximum customer adoption of self-service applications.
  • Increase customer service with fast, efficient messaging on the IVR.
  • Provide multichannel options to customers to self-serve based on preference. For example, a customer may prefer to send you a text message instead of calling you to get a payment balance.
  • Talk to your contact center agents. They interact with your customers day in and day out, and they have the best knowledge of what customers are requesting.

2.     Does it decrease the customer care cost associated with each customer, without sacrificing the customer experience?

  • Implement agent screen pops with data gathered in the IVR or through predicative analysis to improve agent handle time and lessen the burden on customers by eliminating the need to repeat information you already have obtained from them.
  • Reduce nonrevenue-generating contacts who reach call center agents, and improve existing IVR applications through speech performance tuning and streamlining of call flow.

3.     Do you have regular, collaborative sessions to gather strategic input by both business and technology partners to align objectives?

  • Establish governance between business and technology partners to make sure your guiding principles align and are fundamentally heading in the same direction. The technology is not effective without the right business strategy, and business objectives are challenging to meet if the technology cannot support the criteria.

4.     Does it drive revenue through proactive customer engagement?

  • Use customized messages with personalized information for up-sells and cross-sells. For example, personalized, proactive outbound contacts to remind customers of upcoming payments.

5.     Does it improve customer retention and satisfaction by initiatives formed with multichannel data?

  • Collect data through all call channels including IVR, Web, mobile and agent calls.
  • Implement call behavior analytics recognizing root cause analysis on caller patterns.
  • Survey analytics to extract voice-of-the-customer feedback and sentiment.
  • Obtain enterprise visibility and administration for improved agent efficiency.
  • Increase first-contact resolution with speech analytics identifying key call drivers and business processes.
  • Use predictive analytics to distinguish caller behavior usage and patterns, as well as the likelihood of responses.

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