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Posted on April 16, 2013 by West Corporation 



Generation Thumb, Part 2

A previous post  by a past colleague pointed out the significance of mobile to baby boomers. The ability to work, check email, tweet, check finances, etc., via a mobile device is becoming the standard for most and stresses the importance of mobility. However, as younger generations like millennials come into the picture, it is important to realize the importance of enhancing different channels beyond mobile to address the needs of these savvier tech gurus.

Mobile may be transforming into the new standard of communication, but we are seeing new technologies and strategies emerge that are both separate and entwined with mobile capabilities. For instance, having a social media strategy is starting to become the norm within marketing departments. Leaders are more concerned about brand protection, but they are kept awake at night because social media is becoming more than a marketing vehicle. Blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter are avenues that also need to be connected into the care organization. Customers are using these avenues to discuss, complain and seek resolution to problems.

The obvious solution to some may be to make a public post apologizing for the problem and offer some kind of compensation for the loss. But, by taking a step back for a moment, customer care organizations are starting to recognize the importance of having both their mobile and social strategies tied together. A public statement may satisfy the masses, but companies can also use one-way and two-way communications through text or SMS to send a more personal message. Not only does this give the “warm fuzzy” that the customer is seeking, but it also shows the importance of how having a unified multichannel customer relationship strategy is the future.

Finally, as companies continue to address  needs around mobile and social, it is important to note that there is a third and equally vital part of this strategy involving the Web. Having some sort of Web presence is the norm for any company. Customers expect to be able to go to a Web address and get a preview of products, self-serve, shop and so on. However, the Web is turning into a greater part of an overall digital strategy that can be designed to engage customers and provide more value to them. Making the environment more virtual and engaging with multimedia, content, forums, chat, etc., not only enhances the experience, but also gives an organization the opportunity to capture vital information needed to be proactive with customers. Knowing who your customers are and some information about them will improve their experience increase your revenue. And both are vital to the success of your business.

The next generation of consumers is putting more emphasis on new technologies, forcing companies to be nimble and preemptive with their communication strategies. The ability to allow your customers to connect with you how and when they want is paramount to any successful strategy. The younger generations are our fastest growing customer base, stressing the importance of having a unified multichannel customer contact strategy. After all, keeping your consumers happy and addressing their needs is a lot cheaper than acquiring new customers.

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