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Posted on March 4, 2015 by West Corporation 



Get Over Common Hurdles to Create the Synergy Customers Expect

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We have all harped on the power of synergy a million times before, but the questions remain: Are we maximizing the whole? Have we stopped compartmentalizing our workforces, our offerings and our communication? Are our organizations creating a synergistic experience across any and all devices our customers want to use?

The answers are likely “no.” So, what’s stopping each of us from achieving success in an omni-channel world?

Interestingly enough, the roadblocks are similar for many organizations. As I described in conversation with Execs in the Know President Chad McDaniel (in the video linked above), disparate departments think they own the customer relationship, customer care roles are evolving, and not all customer data is universally available. The desire for “personalized communication” means something different to everyone, and it’s no wonder that leaders encounter internal challenges even when we’re mindfully mapping the customer journey!

Knowing that many of us are on the same track, we can look critically at our roadmaps and tackle the obvious hurdles; grab our customers’ shoes and take a lap. 

CRMXchange Virtual Conference

Lace up for a hurdling lesson at the CRMXchange Virtual Conference: Shaping the Journey of the Connected Customer. I’ll be delivering a presentation from 11am-12pm CST on March 18th called “Building the Customer Experience Blueprint: Common Roadblocks to Overcome,” followed by a Q&A session in the “lounge.”

The conference begins on March 16th and lasts through the 19th. Hopefully I’ll virtually run in to you in there…


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