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Posted on August 16, 2016 by West Corporation 



Going for CX Gold

Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt make their respective talents seem simply effortless don’t they? The reality is that the world’s best honed their crafts through lifetimes of dedication. But they all started somewhere.

In every industry, the idea of overhauling any type of operational framework is a fleeting one, riddled with bouts of panic and quickly swept under the rug. This is especially true when it comes to brainstorming ways to deliver a better customer experience.

Luckily, providing customers with more fulfilling interactions doesn’t actually have to be a slash-and-burn process. It just involves more proactively chasing your vision. You have to begin by beginning.

Whether it’s cutting through the water like a torpedo, or leaving adversarial sprinters in the dust, Olympians of all shapes traveled down long roads of calculated trial-and-error to find themselves atop the podium (calculated being the keyword).

Start planning your journey toward customer experience excellence by taking a look at West’s tip sheet, Where to Begin: Getting Proactive with Your Customers. Save time and last-minute organizational effort by:

  1. Mapping your customer journey
  2. Investing energy to create business value
  3. Keeping an eye on trends and the competition
  4. Making intelligent use of the right data
  5. Getting rid of your one-size-fits all mentality

The splendor of a perfect backstroke and a seamlessly connected customer experience are similarly achieved: the final results require sincere motivation, tireless devotion and, undoubtedly, a naturally fruitful groundwork to start from.

Most brands already have the ingredients needed to achieve greater customer loyalty and operational efficiency. The challenge is to leverage the tools at your disposal skillfully and appropriately. By taking the time to evaluate customers’ current journeys, a brand can more effectively close the gaps that hinder achieving an ideal one.

But remember: Achieving a connected, prescriptive customer experience is more of 3000M Steeplechase than a 100M Dash. How you address the obstacles along the way makes all the difference.

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