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Is a Customer Service Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Have you ever had someone take your picture, and when you look at it you exclaim, “I don’t look like that! That’s a horrible picture!” Unfortunately, that recently did happen to me and it was not the first time. As much as I want to deny it, the fact is, it is ME, and I DO look like that. It is a hard pill to swallow that I really do look like that. In my mind, I am still 10 years younger and MANY pounds slimmer.

So, what is the moral of the story? When something is personal, we can lose perspective. In the world of automated care, it is important to have the diligence to conduct regular usability reviews of your IVR application. If you are part of the team that designs and reviews the application on a regular basis, then it is possible to lose your perspective. You may think the way you have your application designed makes perfect sense. However, you need to regularly engage the customer perspective to make sure you are maximizing the performance of your application.

At West Interactive, we regularly promote the use of speech science and human factors to ensure that our automated applications are continuing to meet the customer needs. In order to achieve this outside perspective, we use several options to provide an objective review of our applications:

Usability Review
Conduct a side-by-side comparison of our application with other similar applications in that industry.

Focus Groups
Bring in a group of real customers and ask for their feedback on the application.

Agent Round Table
Sit down and talk to the agents who handle customer calls. Find out what customers are saying about the IVR to the agents.

Traffic Light Analysis
This is a patented process that West uses to give us an objective perspective on what is working in the application and what is not working.

We want to make sure we are exposing our applications to objective reviews. When something is personal, it can cloud our perspective. And for me, well, let me just say that I’ll be avoiding cameras from now on.

One thought on “Is a Customer Service Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

  1. AvatarDan Enthoven

    Seeing the truth is hard, be it in personal or in business life. No one likes to admit their flaws but when your flaws impact your customers and your business you need to take a good hard look in the mirror! If everyone is pointing out a problem it might actually be a problem.


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