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Keep Customers Out of the Dark

Did you know that West supports power outage communications for more than 70 percent of homes in the U.S.? As lifelong customers and 25-year industry partners, we know the utility industry like the back of our hands, and are proud to team up with the country’s leading enterprises to enhance the user experience.

For a long time, North American utility companies have naturally had monopolies in their respective markets; by no fault of their own, electricity, water and gas are seen as “necessary evils,” and most communities have single providers. Thus, while customer service and communication has grown exponentially more customer-centric in many markets, utility companies haven’t commanded the same attention to the “customer journey” as commercial players… until recently. Utilities are becoming deregulated in some states, increasing opportunity for “competition.” Meanwhile, regulators are strong-arming better customer service to mediate complaints. Plus, frankly, companies are recognizing the importance of high customer satisfaction.

The long and short of it? Although utility providers don’t necessarily have to “sell” customers on their services, they are adopting more proactive strategies to engage users.

That’s where West comes in: Our utility experts partner up with companies to seamlessly orchestrate multiple channels, analyze customer journeys and manage preferences, and develop and administer communication campaigns. Experience in this industry and others uniquely positions West to help companies stay ahead of the curve to reduce customer friction and increase organizational productivity with sophisticated, cloud-based solutions.

Self-service options and outbound notifications range from emergency alerts, to payment reminders and secure transactions, to two-way text messaging and customer satisfaction surveys. If you call in to report an outage, preference management tools enable utility companies to confirm repairs and automatically let you know with a call, text or other choice means when they’ve done so. Our proprietary mutual assistance routing system even redirects calls to qualified live agents in other geographic areas during critical outages.

Because a big part of our mission is to help keep customers out of the dark even when they’re in the dark, taking part in the annual Edison Electric Institute and American Gas Association (EEI/AGA) Customer Service Conference & Exposition has us all fired up! The event draws utility professionals, from all points along the customer journey, to tackle likeminded objectives.

This year, EEI/AGA will be held at the Omni Shoreham in Washington D.C., from April 6-9. We’ll be there at Booth #501, and joining our clients in sessions about top-of-mind concerns like cyber-safety, secure payments and collections, and pulling Web chat and social media into a contemporary contact center.

West’s utility and cloud-based communication experts look forward to meeting folks who interact with customers every day – on calls, reading meters, collecting and processing payments, operating offices, analyzing business performance, and more. Please visit us at Booth #501!

Reach out to schedule a meeting, and join @WestInteractive in conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn. #PowerConnected

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