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Posted on August 14, 2013 by West Corporation 



Leveraging Big Data for West Interactive Clients

Over the past year, West Interactive has been making strategic investments in technologies specifically focused on state-of-the-art business intelligence platforms that will help us to further analyze and use increasingly complex data in support of our clients.

As we grow with our clients and support them on their customer contact transformation journey, the level of sophistication and need for data analytics has increased dramatically. The data necessary to drive customer interaction improvements and create new solutions has driven new requirements across all channels. We are proud to say that our investments will be leveraged to support the level of storage needed, the structure of the data, and our ability to assess and analyze big data in real time.

Our investment in a business intelligence and reporting platform that specializes in enterprise deployments with complex data requirements and a powerful, dynamic business intelligence engine will allow us to further leverage our behavioral, transaction and billing data to increase the value of our solutions to our clients. Our new portal will also extend capabilities to our clients to facilitate management of day-to-day and strategic objectives.

We are excited to roll out this functionality to clients throughout the rest of 2013 and into 2014 in a phased approach that includes customer training and documented resource materials. We believe that this process will yield exciting new ideas and solutions to improve customer satisfaction, help drive new opportunities for revenue and efficiently manage customer interaction costs.

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