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Posted on July 21, 2016 by West Corporation 



One Size Won’t Fit All When Connecting With Customers

Every brand is unique, every division within a business is unique, and each customer reaching out to each division is particularly unique.

It’s easy to see: With unique goals and preferences, customers don’t want to be “talked at.” They want to be heard.

Implementing a communication strategy without an inside look at their wants and needs is like convincing a toddler to eat broccoli because “it’s good for them.”

In a quest to deliver on the demands of a customer base in which no two voice are alike, it’s time to squash a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Check out West’s latest tip sheet to help determine where proactive communications fit within your own business. Avoid toddler-reminiscent caller tantrums and make every interaction feel more connected by:Proactive Tip Sheet

  • Showing love for new and existing customers
  • Recognizing the power of reassurance and shared urgency
  • Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes

To truly help a customer, you need to think like one. We only self-serve when it’s in our best interest.

Start by acknowledging that every single interaction throughout the customer lifecycle — from a webchat, to a text message, to dialing an agent — is part of one continuous conversation. Mapping and analyzing every customer touchpoint is a smart jumping off point.

This Customer Journey Map worksheet is the perfect place to start evaluating your customers’ current journeys, exploring their functional and emotional expectations, and thinking about how you and your competition’s customer experiences compare.

When it comes to delivering the modern customer experience people demand, striking the right balance between choice and consistency is key.

Delivering a more proactive customer experience, like well-placed outbound text messaging, can play a major role in striking this balance. Walk in your customers shoes, diagnose unique pain points and prescribe solutions that fit.

Make automated care your customers’ quintessential means of garnering their after-veggies ice cream.

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