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Paving the Way for Your Connected Customer

You may want to sit down for this alert: You don’t own your brand.

It sounds dramatic, but in a world of immediate communication and constant social activity, it’s no wonder that customers have a lot more control over a company’s reputation than the brand itself. And much of the time, the things you do (or don’t do) speak louder than the messages you craft. In other words, most of a customer’s perception of your brand rests in the experience with it – from start to finish, day-to-day or one-and-done, across a multitude of channels.

That seat you grabbed earlier? Pretend it belongs to your quintessential customer. Take a look at communication with your brand from his/her chair…

Do you stop to consider a company’s customer service structure before calling about the shipping status of your order instead of checking online? Do you wonder how the pharmacy recognizes you when you reply to an SMS notification about a prescription refill? Do you think about all of an airline’s moving parts when you determine how long you’re willing to wait for a response about the gate-change of your connecting flight?

Your customers think about interaction with your brand as if it’s all about them – and in many respects, they’re right. At the end of the day, if they’re choosing to connect with your company (which is an amazing thing, by the way), why not make it easier, faster and more personal for them?

SVP Dan Gordon talks about how to tackle that in this brief video:

Taking time to thoughtfully map the customer journey ­­– from awareness to advocacy – is a worthwhile investment in your brand: Visualize the ideal experience. Take a good look at the current one. Identify the gaps. Prioritize them. Take it one day (or objective, channel, objective, etc.) at a time.

With decades of experience developing and managing communication solutions that add value to companies and their end-consumers, West Interactive Services can help. Reach out to West to learn more.

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