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Cooking up Customer Loyalty

Picture this: you’re just getting home from a tasty meal at the pizza joint your friend has been pestering you to check out. The food was of high quality, the customer service was friendly and the entire experience came at a good value. Overall, you are a satisfied customer.

Unfortunately for the pizza shop, your satisfaction never materializes into loyalty. It was kind of a far drive, and honestly, you already have your go-to spot. Your split decision to likely never return is a prime example of the fact that customer satisfaction does not equal customer loyalty.

In fact, a recent cross-industrial survey showed that 20 percent of “satisfied” customers intend to still do business elsewhere in the future.

It’s not that satisfaction doesn’t play a part in generating loyalty. But frankly, cooking up loyalty requires adherence to an entire recipe, not spamming a single ingredient.

West’s recent tip sheet shares a few secret ingredients in the quest to craft true customer loyalty:

In the midst of a “mobile shift,” brands find themselves challenged to address the growing needs of customers whose communication tendencies simply aren’t slowing down. People’s expectations are ever-growing, and the only way to stay ahead of your competition is to deliver on customer demand before it has even hatched.Proactive Tip Sheet

Brands cannot create long term customer relationships without facilitating more proactive interactions.

It’s often not wares that keep customers coming back. It’s thoughtful attention to bringing those wares to them with the least amount of friction possible.

That pizza shop was a bit too far away to justify coming back regularly. Perhaps your opinion could be swayed if they delivered timely proactive text messages when opportunities for big-time pizza savings pop up!

A bridal shop strategically places an outbound call to inform a customer that her dress is ready for pick-up — reducing effort, creating delight and instilling a sense of genuine customer care. She’ll be back again.

With customer loyalty on the line, even brands that offer very similar services, like cable companies, can separate their customer experience from the pack by taking a more proactive approach — like layering intuitive two-way text messaging within their IVR.

When it comes to providing customers an experience that brings them back time and time again, it pays to get proactive in identifying all of the elements that play a role in their conversations with your brand. Satisfaction is just one slice of the pizza pie.

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