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Posted on March 9, 2017 by West Corporation 



Send Your Callers to the Free Throw Line

Whether you are an avid college basketball nut, or were roped into the “madness” and took a more creative approach to team selection (Hey, those jerseys are neat!), there are 9.2 quintillion possible combinations you could have ended up with by the time your March Madness bracket was complete. That’s 9.2 billion written one billion times. You had a lot of tough decisions to make.

Imagine if each of those decisions could have affected the way your company runs— organizationally and on the consumer side. That feeling of the unknown many get while filling out a bracket is a lot like how it feels when making customer communication decisions, with just as many potential outcomes. Even the smallest choices matter in the long run!

Repeat calls, for instance, are an often overlooked source of customer information. Often seen as an organizational “air ball,” a repeat call can actually become a valuable tool in your overall customer experience strategy. (What are a caller’s pain points? Can you apply your findings across other communication channels?)

Like bracketology, consulting a cheat sheet is a smart idea when just starting to develop IVR strategy. As we head into the Madness, take a peek at this infographic for Four Proven Ways to Reduce Repeat Callers and Overcome Poor First Contact Resolution:

  1. Integrate proactive text notifications to preempt inbound customer calls
  2. Tune speech prompts regularly
  3. Use data and analytics to predict user-intent
  4. Introduce skills-based routing and train agents to address complex customer concerns

Customers want to feel as though you truly know them. While successful brackets are often reserved for self-proclaimed soothsayers, facilitating more rewarding interactions is not a guessing game. By incorporating these best practices into your playbook, you can improve customer satisfaction while gaining more cross-channel visibility into their journeys— ultimately reducing the frequency of repeat calls and enhancing your agents’ skillsets along the way.

Faster resolution for your customers and lower operating costs for your company is a slam dunk for everyone.

If we’ve learned anything from March Madness thus far, it would be that success often depends on a conscious team effort. Check out our Professional Services Overview to discover how West can help you deliver the connected customer experience your customers demand. The ball is in your court!

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