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Leverage SMS Messaging for Fiesta-Worthy Communication

Cinco de Mayo is nearly here, which means it’s time to keep an eye out for your nearest Mariachi band and celebrate the day that the citizens of Mexico gained their independence (Read through if you’re shaking your head!).

When we think of independence, we think of the freedom to do things in the ways we want. Among smartphone and SMS/text messaging users, 64 percent prefer texting over voice customer service.[i]

Instead of perpetuating the myth that customers only ever truly want agent support, it’s time to free them to interact more naturally. In an age where customers are moving faster than ever, it’s time to provide the liberation they demand. It’s time to let them be mobile.

See how contact centers are reducing inbound calls and delivering rewarding SMS interactions in this new video.

From a dental practice proactively reaching out with an appointment reminder, to a cable company layering intuitive text messaging within their IVR — forward-thinking companies across the globe celebrate customer independence every day.

People all-too-often assume that the first thing a caller in need wants is to connect to an agent. The truth is that millennials, for instance, would rather clean a toilet than speak to a customer service representative (which doesn’t sound like much of a fiesta at all).

Similarly, Cinco de Mayo is actually a celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Mexico celebrates Independence Day on September 16.

It’s interesting how falsehoods can be accepted as fact as long as people treat them as such over time.

So whether it’s Cinco de Mayo, September 16 or Christmas Day, more proactive customer service can help businesses and customers alike proclaim, “¡Viva Customer Service!” anytime.

[i] OneReach, Harris Poll Results

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