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Sound Off: Opinions Are Important in Customer Care

Everyone wants to be heard. What’s more, it’s only natural that we possess the desire to share our opinions and experiences with others around us.

So, given that, would you believe it if I told you that the companies you do business with not only want, but actually depend on your opinion (good or bad) in order to survive and grow?

Before the Internet and modern contact center environments were in place, the barometers for a product’s success were in large part, limited to published product reviews (newspaper, industry rag), word of mouth (literally), and, of course, bottom-line sales.

Today, consumers have a smorgasbord of tools to review and rate products and service, and as a direct result, they can influence future functionality and features for pretty much everything.

Likes on Facebook, social media posts, surveys, reviews on, etc., are at our fingertips as consumers. All of which literally cost us nothing more than our time and basic Internet connectivity. Couple all of this with our desire to be heard, and it’s a slam-dunk.

As a consumer, there isn’t much that I don’t want to sound off about. Before making any purchase, I typically find myself reading reviews products well ahead of making any purchase. In my case, I tend to skip to the summary section where reviews are grouped into their respective graphical ratings, e.g., 1 star, 2 stars, etc. I also tend to throw out the very high, and the very low, and look to see where the majority landed in their opinions. Preferably, of course in the four-star range.

Assuming I’ve actually made a purchase, I typically join the rank and file of the reviewers, and add my honest assessment of the product, whether good or bad.

As I mentioned, not only do these tools spell good news for customers, but the feedback itself is invaluable to companies providing such products and services. Constructive (key word) feedback, either critical or praise-based in nature, allows a company to grow its product or portfolio into a feature-rich solution based upon direct user feedback.

Modern contact centers, too, can be equipped not only with tools to capture your electronic sentiment via social media and surveys, but also quality management tools to govern and improve your overall experience when communicating directly with a customer service agent via voice or e-services.

The whole point here is that analogous to the presidential election, your vote really does count. Chances are high that both your written and verbal comments are indeed being reviewed and taken seriously, and companies are hungry to take direct action based on constructive feedback.

It’s a safe assumption that someone is listening, so, by all means, constructively sound off and share your opinions because they really do matter.

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