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Streamline your contact center for a better customer experience

In today’s on-demand world, customers expect a lot. Modern technology promises them convenience at every turn, and they’re looking for the same from your contact center. To sum it up, they want every interaction to feel smooth, quick and easy. In order to keep up, your contact center agents need access to the right information at the right moment. That means you need a solution that can create visibility and connect all parts of the conversation while supporting convenient opportunities for self-service. That’s where Cloud Contact Center and West’s expertise come in.

We started out as a contact center, so we get what you’re up against, and today we specialize in helping businesses improve their entire customer ecosystem. Our big-picture guidance and our enhanced cloud solution can help you meet customer expectations while protecting your bottom line. And with the managed-services option, you can leave the management to us, so you can focus on your core business. Our solutions can help your company by:

Providing features customers love
Customer experience begins the moment someone decides to get in touch with your company, and your customers want choices when it comes to talking with you. Start off on the right foot by meeting those expectations. Cloud Contact Center offers a variety of contact options, including mobile, SMS, web chat and email, so customers can pick the one they prefer, setting the tone for a great interaction with your company.

And when they opt to call you, Cloud Contact Center keeps the convenience going by offering best-agent, skills-based and geographical-based routing. That means callers can talk to the right person the first time, reducing the transfer maze that people find so frustrating. Plus, self-service in interactive voice response (IVR) helps ensure agents are getting the right calls. That leads to shorter queue times and a smoother customer experience.

Empowering agents
To enable your team to provide a standout customer experience, give them the tools and information they need to help customers without spinning their wheels or wasting precious time. After all, do you know what a frustrated, haggard agent costs your business? From hiring expenses to time to resolution to customer satisfaction scores, it all adds up. Cloud Contact Center makes their lives easier with:

  • Integrated inbound and outbound channels
  • IVR with intuitive menu options to encourage self-service for simple tasks and easy navigation to the right agent
  • Intelligent routing to connect customers with agents who can truly help them
  • Preview, predictive and progressive dialing modes that provide artificial intelligence techniques to manage dialer pacing in real time
  • Enhanced call blending capabilities, so agents aren’t tethered to a single type of call

That last point is important, because it allows you to combine inbound service with outbound customer care, effectively eliminating agent idle time. During times with low call volume, agents can be assigned to outbound campaigns for proactive customer care. All that adds up to productive, frustration-free days for agents and a better experience for your customers.

Plus, we’ll help you strategically integrate Cloud Contact Center with the other technologies in your system, so you can break down functional and data silos. When you do that, agents will be able to access the info they need and give customers that seamless experience they want.

Lowering costs
Productive, gratified agents will provide better customer care, and those benefits will also lead to lower attrition and training costs. Cloud Contact Center has other business advantages too. For example, you can reduce capex with a pay-per-minute model, and reporting and forecasting capabilities let you deliver great service at a lower cost. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced cost via shorter queue time and average call length
  • Reduced costs associated with legacy or end-of-life contact center infrastructure
  • An enterprise view of agent metrics
  • Flexible pricing options for greater than 2,000 seats or longer-term contracts

Leaving room for business growth
While you’re addressing today’s customer expectations, it’s also smart to keep an eye on tomorrow. As your contact center expands to field more customer inquiries, include at-home agents or accommodate multiple locations, you need technology that will grow with you and keep providing the experience your customers want. Since we started out as a call center, we know how important it is to be able to add new functionalities and features down the road as your business grows and customer demands increase.

With our guidance, tailored to your specific needs, you can keep up to date and also ensure those add-ons don’t operate as “outsiders.” In order for the latest and greatest customer experience tools to benefit your company, everything has to work together. West can help make sure there’s never a breakdown in service, and we can look at the overall view with you too. How do new features fit into your customer experience and business plan? Is there more you could be doing? We’re futurists and are ready to explore the best ways to keep your customers coming back.

After all, you contact center’s communication with consumers is more important than ever. Today’s customers really care about service, and they’ll reward businesses that do it well with their loyalty, dollars and referrals. In fact, after a positive customer experience, 69 percent of Americans would recommend that company to others.

Good or bad, your customers are telling their friends, family and followers about their interactions with your team. Cloud Contact Center and West can help make sure they only have positive things to pass along.

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