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Posted on January 6, 2014 by West Corporation 



The Future Expectations of Customer Service

My kids often ask me what I did in a world without mobile devices. They cannot even grasp the thought of not having a mobile device at their fingertips. I told them that back in the day we played outside and we talked on the house phone line to our friends. (Gasp, the horror!) They laugh and make me feel really old when I describe to them my first mobile phone, a big bag phone.

When I fast-forward and think about this generation as primary consumers in just a few years, I have to wonder if the customer care world is ready for them. This generation that is growing up on mobile applications of every kind that take care of all of their social needs now, including gaming, talking to friends, sharing pictures, video, etc. I can tell you that the last thing my son or daughter would want to do to solve a problem would be to pick up the phone and call a live person. They want everything to be at their fingertips. And, if you have teenagers, you know how quickly they can find an answer to any question by searching on their mobile devices.

This will also be this generation’s expectation of customer service, because quite simply, they know nothing different than for their needs to be serviced at their fingertips with mobile applications. Companies need to be in tune with this expectation and build applications to service their customers’ needs.

Does your company’s customer service plan include a mobile customer service application? The future expectation of consumers is beginning now. Be sure to plan accordingly and create a mobile strategy for your customer service care today and tomorrow.

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