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Posted on September 10, 2013 by West Corporation 



Tune Up Your IVR

Just like your car, your IVR solution needs a checkup to ensure that it is performing optimally. Here are some best practices to use to ensure your IVR is tuned up and providing your customers with the best automated experience possible.

  1.  Baseline your containment rate. What is the amount or percentage of your customers who are able to completely service their needs in the IVR system? This is an essential metric that you should be measuring.
  2. Track your transfers within the application. Is there an area that sees a higher amount of transfers?
  3. Conduct focus groups with your customer service representatives (CSRs). Key in on areas that have seen a high transfer rate in the application. Ask the CSRs to help you understand why callers are transferring at that point in the call. What do they need assistance with? Also, ask if there are any repetitive tasks that the CSRs are handling that might easily be automated in the IVR.
  4. Call and listen to your IVR as a customer. How does it sound? Do you like the voice talent? Does it sound smooth and not choppy? Ensure that you are using only one voice talent for the length of the call.
  5. Use business intelligence in your IVR design. If callers routinely call in once a month to make a payment, then build in intelligence that will enable the IVR to ask customers if they are calling to make their monthly payments.
  6. Consider using speech technology to make the call more natural. If the call flow is natural, then it will be easier for your customers to self-serve their needs.
  7. Build an ROI to justify the cost for the changes. If your changes increase automation, then your cost justification should be easy, as you are reducing calls and time handled by your CSRs.
  8. After your changes are installed, measure the results. Did you increase containment rate? Were you able to service more of the call in the IVR?
  9. Set a plan to tune up your IVR annually. Technology changes every day; by tuning up your IVR annually you will give your customers an efficient and effective customer experience.

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