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Posted on February 24, 2016 by West Corporation 



US Utilities Lead the Way for UK with Outage Communications

When severe weather hits, how can utilities avoid a storm of customer dissatisfaction? The immediate response is clear: restore service disruptions as quickly as possible. But there’s another business imperative utilities can’t overlook: customer service. In general, UK utilities lag behind their US counterparts in terms of storm-related customer service. But with inclement weather on the rise in the UK — and growing demand for better service — the pressure is on UK utilities to deliver a higher standard of customer service before, during and after a storm. Read the article here.

West’s Senior Vice President of Utilities and Business Support Greg Ablett weighs in on keeping up with today’s utility customers in an article recently published by Utility Week.

Join us at CS Week Conference 40, April 25-29, where West will share more utility best practices and further explore Greg’s insights on graceful automation – and check out the rest of our event calendar to connect with us at other events over the next few months.

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