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Posted on December 18, 2015 by West Corporation 



Use the Force… of Optimization

It’s time to talk about making your customer experience feel a little less like R2-D2, and a little more like C-3PO.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens already a must-see blockbuster, we anticipate apprehension that this shameless, galactically themed post might be a dreaded… dun dun dun: SPOILER. But fear not; the following content is safe for all eyes, seeking only to draw the undeniable parallels between the galaxy far away, and the needs of the people right here on Earth.

There’s no denying that we earthlings are driving an increasingly retail-centric customer experience, inspired by a gruelingly high-paced lifestyle rivaling the Millennium Falcon’s light speed. When something is amiss, we want answers and we want them now. How then, does a healthcare company, for example, keep up with the demands of the “new” patient, whose expectations have been set by the otherwise unrelated retail industry? It starts with flexibility.

Brands across every industry find that the biggest obstacle to providing the experiences customers crave is simply supporting an existing platform that doesn’t keep up with customer expectations. Aligning technology and expectations becomes impossible when the only option seems to be to start again from scratch. (Why do you think the Empire never built another Death Star?!)

The only real solution is to never get stuck in the first place. Smart brands are creating communication solutions that can evolve with their customers.

West understands how tiresome the customer experience management lifecycle can be, and we take pride in offering an extensible ecosystem that creates a connected customer experience. Because every company (and its customers) is unique, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all customer solution. Likewise, no solution out there is immune to aging. Instead, industry-leading brands count on continuous optimization to ensure customer satisfaction, improve efficiency and lower costs.

A successful company operating the same way in Year 10 as it did in Year Two is like a hairless wookie: non-existent. For example, wise utility companies are anticipating demand for instant reassurance during an outage, so they take measures to create a consistent experience in any outage using  a High-Volume Call Outage (HVCA) system. Others see that their customers don’t often use their phones for calls, so they implement more proactive SMS and mobile options.

The beauty is making these improvements without detriment to your existing solutions. By relying on ongoing usability testing, and fine-tuning speech, call-flows and campaigns as customer needs change, you can seamlessly orchestrate every solution in your arsenal.

User demand for effortless multi-channel communication is greater than ever, and in the end, your customers want to feel that you truly know them. By using business analytics and creative services to optimize interactions, you can usher in “A New Hope” for even those who find most customer service solutions to be from a different planet.

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