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We All Wanna Be “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

So customer relationships should be akin to a one-on-one courtship, but they can’t possibly be so intimate; profit margins would plummet and, inevitably, someone (or something(s)) would fall through the cracks. How do we manage? Start with balance – making the everyday experience a little less like “take a number” and more like Cheers.

The time has come for companies to face the music: No matter the industry, consumers call the shots. Bill Price, founder of Driva Solutions, teaches us about hierarchy of seven consumer needs in a “Me2B” world:

  1. Know me; remember me
  2. Give me choices
  3. Make it easy for me
  4. Value me
  5. Trust me
  6. Surprise me
  7. Help me do more, better

Those of you who joined us at West’s Connected Customer Experience Summit took a front-row seat with us for some of these take-aways and others. (Watch the video or read Price’s book.)

What does Cheers have to do with it? Contemporary technology has raised the stakes for customer expectations and people want multichannel (or, dare-we-say, the ever-daunting “omnichannel”) choice. However, it all boils back down to one thing if I’m your customer: Show me you know me.

Whether I’m calling, attempting online self-service or responding to your text message, show me you know me. No matter the entry-point or time-of-day, sing my name when I open the door and make it easy for me to cozy up to the bar. Make me your “Norm.”

Price articulated core foundations for creating successful Me2B experiences:

  • Focus on customers
  • Streamline processes
  • Integrate channels
  • Energize your workforce
  • Make Cheers the “Norm!”

Okay, so we added that last one, but we’re drinking the foundational Kool-Aid at West right along with our clients by strategically championing imperatives like these in our own business.


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