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5 Rules of Customer Experience

West collaborated with CCW Digital—a prominent community, resource hub and advisory for customer management practice, call center and customer experience professionals—on their Performance & Agents Executive Report. This report addresses the goals, challenges and solutions that organizations should address in the pursuit of a result-oriented customer experience function.

Within the report, West’s “Practicality Guide: An Illustration of Improved Performance,” offers up 5 Rules of Customer Experience Performance (starting on page 25). You can read more about these best practices in the full write-up here.

These five rules of customer experience performance detail specific best practices and examples of success we’ve had with clients. It will provide your organization with a strong, vivid sense of what you must do to actually succeed. It will help put design and purpose behind investments, leading to an improved likelihood of ROI.

the 5 Rules:

  1. Assess performance through the customer’s eyes
  2. Do not make assumptions
  3. Adopt a unified approach
  4. Emphasize connections with customers
  5. Recognize “agent performance” as a two-way street


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