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Winter is Coming: Update Your Outage CX

HBO recently taunted Game of Thrones (GOT) fans with teaser art featuring actor Kit Harington’s (presumably) deceased character, Jon Snow, accompanied by the anticipated release month: April. While speculation continues to build regarding Snow’s mortality, the springtime premiere forecasts a lengthy cold-spell for fans eager to uncover the whole truth.

As GOT fans hunker down for the winter, utility companies are in a unique position to play the role of “King’s Hand” and help pave the way for customers. In other words, the people of the land want their utility companies to heed the Starks’ words and prepare accordingly: Winter is coming – bringing with it the challenges of ice storms and high winds that cut like Valerian steel.

By directing all outage calls through highly optimized High Call-Volume Answering (HVCA) systems, utility companies are sentencing confusing IVR amalgamations to death, vanquishing busy signals and empowering customers to interact with one consistent persona in any situation.

High-Volume Call Answering (HVCA) allows customers to provide key pieces of information via interactive voice response (IVR) and get instant reassurance from familiar call experience, for every outage. A top-performing HVCA system lays the foundation for a fully integrated experience, which includes proactive notifications and preference management. (Many customers prefer to let their thumbs do the talking, after all.)

Another West client has decided to route all outage calls to an HVCA system, and customers are already enjoying the benefits of a single outage experience. Read more here.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Utility companies should focus on creating a seamless experience for customers in every outage situation this season:

  1. Maintain just one IVR system, with improved visibility
  2. Empower agents to work on more complex problem-solving and revenue-generating activities
  3. Strategically optimize call flows and increase IVR containment rates
  4. Improve customer satisfaction
  5. Reduce operational costs

When the thermometer dips, customers rely on their warm and well-lit homes more than ever. With things like holiday shopping taking priority this time of year, customers demand speed and efficiency. To meet the ever-rising expectations of lords and ladies across your realm, it’s wise to turn attention to creating a highly integrated outage customer experience.

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