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Posted on September 15, 2016 by West Corporation 



Wondering if you Need to Start Accounting for Smart Machines in Your CX?

Dan Gordon, SVP of Strategy and Development at West, examines the future of smart machines and provides his take on how enterprises should start preparing their CX for this technological emergence in his guest blog post for Execs in the Know:

“Relying on data and metadata, or “the information of everything,” smart machines are expected to drive a higher level of quality and consistency in everyday customer interactions by relying on neural networks that dissect things like text, images and voice — all without human intervention. Unsurprisingly, their potential impact is creating major buzz among technology providers and enterprises in every industry. Companies are left wondering what the rise of smart machines will mean for their long-term CX strategies, and how to stay ahead of their customers and competition as developments unfold. I’d recommend that most brands don’t overhaul their existing priorities just yet…

Click here to read why Gordon recommends holding off for now.

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